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Emergency exit Steel entry doors. Wood entry doors, Glass doors, Garage doors all repaired with the best warranty in the business.

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Commercial door closers replaced for worn or leaking door closers.

All commercial Deadbolt locks, Lever Handle locks, Push Button Digital Locks, Push Bar Panic Exit Device, Electric Strike Buzzer System locks supplied and Installed.

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Westchester NY Storefront door repair service. Storefront door parts such as hinges and aluminum door pivots usually wear according to traffic and door maintenance. Due to the traffic in some retail stores, restaurants and building entrances, the labor and stress on the parts that actually make movement and door alignment possible are prone to wear faster.


​   Doors and how they operate are often times taken for granted when there are no issues and sometimes suffer due to neglect and lack of maintenance. The physical and mechanical condition of your door operating properly depends primarily on door maintenance.


    Often times the door drags or sticks to the floor or the door bangs against the top frame leg. In any instance where the door is unaligned the locking mechanism or latch is now unaligned as well leaving you struggling to lock the door properly or leaving the door with little to no security.

    Brockton-Smith Lock and Door professionally repairs all types of door problems and closing issues. 

We also supply and install all types of door hardware to keep your door swinging free and latching securely. 

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