Door Repair - Westchester NY - Commercial Door Replacement - Steel Doors Installed - (914) 562-0004 Door Repair & Installation - White Plains NY - Brockton-Smith Door Service (914)562-0004 Door Installation & Repair White Plains NY. Brockton-Smith Door & Locksmith Service (914)562-0004. ​ We Provide: Commercial entry door and frame with locks, panic device and door closer supplied and installed. All commercial doors repaired, rehung, or replaced. ​ Building entrance doors, warehouse entry doors, and office doors repaired on-site. ​ Aluminum storefront doors rehung on door pivots or hinges. Storefront door closers, locks, and hardware replaced or repaired. ​All Custom and custom size doors supplied and installed. Wood Doors, Panel Doors, Aluminum Storefront Doors, 90 minute Fire Rated Doors, and Steel Doors all made to custom size. 24 hour commercial door repairs in White Plains NY. Warehouse Door Repair - Storefront Door Repair - Building Entrance Door Repair - Office Door Repair - Restaurant Door Repair - Retail Store Door Repair & Installation - New Rochelle NY. Yes, We do it all !!!
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Locksmith Westchester NY - Residential Door Repair
Free Estimates (914) 562 0004

24 Hour Locksmith Westchester NY - Residential Door Repair ​Free Estimates (914) 562 0004 

Brockton-Smith Lock & Door Service provides Expert locksmith and professional door services to Westchester NY

Local Locksmith & Door Repair Service Call (914) 562-0004

All local Locksmith services in Westchester NY provided for your home or apartment door locks. Deadbolt locks installed on your exterior entry doors. Bedroom door locksets for privacy and security. Bathroom door locks in any finish.


We offer security for the whole house. Back door locks and basment door locks all suppled and installed. Our highly qualified locksmith can even have all of your locks keyed to one key. One key to operate every lock in the house.

24-Hour Locksmith Service 

24/7 Emergency locksmith services in Westchester NY for all residential lock emergencies.

Get locked out of your house? Our fast and friendly house lock-out service will have you back in and safe. We also provide car lockout service.

If you get locked out of your vehicle, call us fast and get back in your car quick. (914) 562-0004

Lock Re-keys

Brockton-Smith Locksmith in Westchester NY re-keys your locks to new keys. 

Need your locks re-keyed? Call us for same day lock rekeying service. 

If you just purchased a home this is the perfect time to have your locks rekeyed.

Why risk the former tenant or owner still having the keys to your property. New house, new keys.


Rekeying your locks is also the least expensive way to establish new security without the expense

of putting new locks on all of your doors.


Residential entry door repair in Scarsdale NY or Emergency wood door repair in New Rochelle

Brockton-Smith lock & Door service will be there for you. Door dragging on the floor?

Is your door rubbing on the door frame? These doors are in need of Brockton-Smith Professional door services.  

Our professional and experienced residential door technician will remedy your door problems on residential Wood entry doors, Glass doors, steel doors, fire rated doors and even Custom size steel or wood doors.

All repaired by highly skilled door technician and with the best warranty in the business.

Emergency Entry Door Repair -  




Residential lock installation Westchester NY
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Residential Locksmith Westchester NY
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Brockton-Smith Locksmith & Door Service New Rochelle NY ​ Serving All of Westchester NY Questions? Visit our website @ -or- E-mail us @ -or- you can always call directly for all questions (914)562-0004